Beauty in Unexpected Places

I went for an eye exam a few days ago. Iwas having some problems with my contacts andI had exhausted a bunch of theories about it: allergy to mascara (Please no! I only wear mascara and lipstick, I likemy little enhancements), allergy to contacts (Hope not, I don't mind wearing glasses but as they were sliding off my nose during yoga the other day I was praying that I would still be able to wear contacts), some hormonal change (I've been riding the hormonal change rollercoaster for awhile and don't need to add another weird symptom). So, I decided to go check in with a professional to get some answers. Turns out, my eyes are just a little dry and I need to place a hot compress on my eyes once or twice a day, for 5 minutes, for a couple of weeks. Phew! I love it when solutions are as simple and homespun as that! I also love it when you find beauty in unexpected places. I had no idea that regular eye exams showed you photos of your inner eye! I would have been going waaay more regularly. Can't wait for the next yearly exam now. If you are squeamish about eyeballs you may want to quickly scroll to the next blogpost. If, however, you find beauty in the mundane and odd, you will want to check this out. glenda's eye Beautiful! Right?! So unexpected. You may know all about this already and had your optometrist email you photos of your eye. If so, are you going to do anything with them? I'm thinking that they would be really amazing on transparencies and mounted on a lightbox. Mezmerizing... glenda.

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