Awesome Customers: Department of W.O'W.

A few years back, glenda and I started noticing that one of our lovely regular customers here in Vancouver would frequently pop by wearing some pretty amazing pieces--great fabrics, unusual draping, well-constructed, often with a humourous sense of whimsy about them. We always knew Zoe (pictured above) had good taste--she isa regular customer, after all--but we had no idea that she was also an amazing seamstress! It has been such a pleasure over the last couple of years to talk with Zoe about what she's working on, what's inspiring her, and slowly but surely watch her catch the design bug. Now, not only has she officially launched her own label, Ad Lib, but she and two talented friends have opened their own shop! The cleverly named Department of W.O'W--an acronym playing off their last names--features clothing and knitwear by Zoe (like the above vibrant, cozy scarf), jewelry by Taryn O'Gorman, art by Laura Wallace, and a rotating array of pieces by local artisans. Located on a very happening block of Union Street down in Chinatown, the shop is a cinch to cycle to--it's right on a bike route!--and there are even bike racks right out front.

Door paintings byLaura Wallace.

The shop looks great, Zoe, and we're so glad you've been getting some love in the press. I can't wait to ride down and check out your spring pieces!



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