Art in Space

For those of you who didn't know (it's OK, I didn't either), there's a Canadian currently in the International Space Station. Astronaut and musician, Commander Chris Hadfield has been orbiting our small blue sphere since December 19th, 2012, and has been taking some absolutely beautiful photos of the planet. Have a look at [caption id="attachment_11848" align="aligncenter" caption="Patterns of agriculture in Egypt, or a new Smoking Lily design? You be the judge."][/caption] On top of that, Commander Hadfield, along with Barenaked Ladies' Ed Roberts are co-writing a song for the CBC's Music Monday. Music Monday occurs the first Monday in May each year, and aims to have hundreds of thousands of students and teachers across the country taking their music programs outdoors and into their communities, performing the same song at the same time, uniting Canada in song. The song is officially titled I.S.S. (for Is Somebody Singing, not International Space Station), and will be performed synchronously from space by Hadfield and on Earth by Roberts while being sung across the country. You can check out a video of Hadfield and Robertson in studio at CBC going through I.S.S. (Is Somebody Singing) and rehearsing it together. [caption id="attachment_11849" align="aligncenter" caption="Space Jams!"][/caption]   later, morgan

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