An International Affair

We are so fortunate to have regular customers who visit, and place mail orders, from all over the world! It's always fun to catch up on the lives of our customers from the far reaches of North America (Yukon to Nova Scotia; Brooklyn to San Francisco; Mexico City) and beyond (England, Sweden, Germany, New Zealand, Australia...). There are two fabulous German women, Sabine and Martina,who visit us once (and sometimes twice) a year for a Smoking Lily fix. They come to Vancouver each year to take part in a giant Halloween party at a bed and breakfast in English Bay. Last year 500 kids visited the house that was decked out as a Pirate Ship! On top of packing their costumes, Martina managed to lug over two vintage chair seats - heavy ones, stuffed with straw! She brought the chair seats and some beautiful blue silk dupioni fabric into the Vancouver shop to have the silk printed and then the chair seats upholstered with it. Here are the photos she sent of the seats back in their resting place in her home in Germany. Aren't they beautiful?! We're happy to take credit for the screen-printing and upholstery, but Martina's vision for these two vintage chairs was inspired. Nice job Martina! We are looking forward to seeing you when you're back in town for the Easter holidays (we will be sure to have a few Capes in the shop for Sabine to choose from).     You may contact us at any of our shops, or at the studio, to discuss Special Orders or Print Yer Ownsfor your own inspired projects! Happy Tuesdaying, glenda.  

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