An Abundance of Miltons

There are some garments that we consider classics. They become so loved that people start to incorporate these pieces into their sense of style, and we would feel like scrooges if we took them away from you. One of these things is the Milton, our perfect bolero shrug. Whenever I work in our Government Street shop on Saturdays, the Black Milton is one of the first things I grab when someone is trying on a dress (followed immediately by a Maude belt).

I've heard people confess to owning one of each size, to having given theirs away thrice, and to wearing it so often they just keep it by their front door. Given all this, we thought we would try making it in an other colour, and ended up making three!

In Charcoal.


And Marine.

But even though we would love to, there's no way we can keep making four colours of the Milton. The Black is here to stay, and there's room for one more. Now is your chance to chime in! Which is your favourite? Leave us a comment.



  • Tess


  • Monique Gobes


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