Ampersand Tunic: Second Generation

No doubt many of you remember our Ampersand Tunic from waaaay back in 2009; it isunquestionably one of the most popular pieces we've made in the seven years I've worked at Lily. Personally, I was such a fan that I bought it in greyand black, and have been holding on to both for several years even though they no longer fit me. Celine Ampersand After so long sitting in the sad "I love it too much to leave it, even though I can't wear it" pile at the back of my closet, it gives me great joy to say that I brought both Ampersandsin to the Vancouver shop today and the black tunic looks amazing on Celine! I love seeing a "vintage" Lily piece on one of our fabulous new Lily gals here in Vancouver--plus I may now enjoy the Ampersand in fabulous vicarious glory;p photo 1 I do still have a grey, size medium here in Vancouver, looking for a home (gratis, naturally!). It's well loved, but has more milage left, if you know what I mean. photo 2 If you're interested, shoot me a line at the Vancouver shop ( first-email-first-serve, must be able to come in-store to pick up. I'm back in the shop on Tuesday and will let the first emailerknow to come on down for some vintage Ampersand Tunic love :) Cheers, Erin P.S. I know it's sad, but we are definitelyNOT making any furtherruns of these guys, so pleeeaaaase refrain from emailing the studio to ask or the studio gals will kick my butt for stirring up trouble! Makingwomen with scissors cross is no good, and I try to avoid it;p

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