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As you may have read a few posts ago, there has been a mom seagull and her two babies on our roof for the past few weeks. The babies are getting bigger now, and also more curious about their surroundings...Yesterday as Steph, Aiko and I were quietly sewing we heard a thumping noise at the window. We looked over and there was one of the babies sitting in front of the window fluffing and tapping for us to let it in. We went over and said hello, and tried to throw it a few moldy grapes from the fridge but it didn't seem interested. We closed the window and tried to ignore it. About half an hour later Aiko let out a gasp and pointed into the printing room....there was the baby waddling around the studio!! Because it gets so hot up here in the summer, we often leave the windows open while we're working....we had left the bathroom window open and obviously that was how the gull got in! Steph and I worried over how we were going to get it out back to it's mom and sibling...eventually we created a stepped system of various buckets and stools and through a crack in the bathroom door we watched him cautiously and sometimes precariously hop to each level, and eventually out! What an adventure, luckily we got pictures! How cute...it wanted to hang out and sew with us!

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