A Printing Frenzy

Last Monday was the finale of the Screen Printing Workshop. We had the whole class to work on our projects, while Trish gave us one-on-one suggestions, tips and techniques. The class went by way too fast for most of our liking...so we went into a little overtime. We knew time was really up though when Trish's boyfriend called to say that he was coming to get her...dinner was ready! Haha! Anyways, as promised, I have some samples of what each of us created on the last evening of the screen printing workshop:

Emma came up with this really sleek image of a gun shooting flowers...really pretty, sort of antique. She was printing on a few different mediums including fabric, wallpaper and newspaper. I think Emma also acquired an article of clothing from every student in her dorm at UVic...she had quite a few orders to complete!

Laurie has a passion for marine life...and now she has a whole clothing collection displaying her carefully arranged sea critters and waves. I think I see a great skirt/t-shirt combo there to wear down to the beach.

Keith did some pretty amazing work here (I even overheard Trish give him an A+). Keith chose a of photograph of his and Laurie's dog - Beanz! Notice he used 4 colors in the reflection print. That means he had to line up the screen in the exact same position for each color. What skill!

came up with a print he is thinking about using for t-shirts. I think I overheard him say that he might be 'hitting the streets' with them at some point...then he was working on a little math...the numbers, the dollars...The 'R' symbol is the first letter of his last name.

Jenn came up with this stunning ethnic design. She was really excited to print on a piece of cream color bamboo knit. Although she had plans to make some scarves and cushion covers, I think she may have decided to make a wall-hanging instead because she really just liked looking at it!

And here is what I got up to. I ended up making a duvet cover with the toads and lilies! Just as my boyfriend requested. And I was quite pleased with how the little hummingbird turned out from a photograph I took down by the gorge.

And, that's it!

Rumor has it there may be another screen printing workshop in the near future! If you are interested, please contact our Johnson St. shop @ 250-382-5459.

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