A Few of My Favourite Things

My Christmas wish list seems to be extra long this year. Here's a few things that would bring joy should they show up in my stocking... These beautiful Christmas tree ornaments made by Paige at Blackbird Studio. Smallare $25. Large are $30.                 Good wallets are $101 and I especially love the cheerful turquoise with silver stars.             The latest editions of Anthology and Lucky Peach are in the store now and the writing is excellent - might not be able to wait for Christmas for these!                 A customer let me take a photo of her in my favorite toque made of Peruvian alpaca wool; it's $49. The two handled velvet tote is $98. This bag is the right size for weekdays, big enough for a book and my lunch. I also love these little terrarriums by Fat Dog Construction. Easy to care for and so sweet. $30. Well the list is actually much longer, if you come over to The Milkman's Daughter, I'll point out some of the other things that make me happy too. See you soon, Nico

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